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May 3, 2017 ACC Monthly Meeting, from left to right Faten Mansour, Director, Jasmine Ali, Vice-President, Jack Boyd, NASA Ames Featured Speaker, Kimberly Salazar, President, Mike Weiss, Treasurer, Elise Taube Marfise, Secretary.

Dr. Eugene Tu, Center Director, and Saba Hussain, ACC Past President ( 2016-2017) accepts Certificate for Exemplary Leadership on behalf of the Ames Contractor Council.

Mentor Protege Agreement Winner: Brenda Pohl, NASA Acquisition Chief & Strategy with Greg Hite, AECOM, Mentor,

2016 Small Business Prime Contractor Winner: Kari Gonter, Metis, Brenda Pohl, Branch Chief, Acquisition Strategy and Planning, NASA, Marianne Shelley, NASA, Joy Colucci, Metis Technology and far right is Elisa Taube, Booz-Allen Hamilton Group.

ACC President Special Award: Saba Hussain, USRA & Deb Feng, Associate Center Director, NASA.

Mentor Protégé Agreement winner: Brenda Pohl, Branch Chief, Acquisition Strategy and Planning, NASA, Greg Hite, AECOM and Doug Davis, AE3 Partners.


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    ACC Annual Small Business Event

    Saba Hussain, Chair 

    Jasmine Ali, Co-Chair 

    Contractor Excellence Awards 
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    Public Policy 
    Sara Jain 

    Imagination Foundation Committee

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