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Third Year in a Row the 129th Rescue Wing Wins the 15th Annual NASA ACC Golf Tournament!

Moffett Field, California

26 October 2018

It was a really beautiful day as the ACC All Volunteer Golf Committee was already set up by 7:30 AM in preparation for a steady line of golfers and their Corporate Sponsors, new and returning.

Rolling the dice on who is going to receive the next prize is Sara Jain, 2018 ACC Golf Committee To your left is Gailynne Bouret, ACC Golf Committee Co-Chair for the 15th Annual Golf Tournament.

Those dedicated volunteers who do the work behind the scenes this year include Sara Jain, Gailynne Bouret, Mike Irish, Sandra Rasmussen, Ron Lehmer, Saba Hussain and Chloe Rasmussen.

Starting out, the thermostat quickly rose from the high 50s to the low 80s. To kick off the event, a traditional champagne mimosa toast was held. Hotdogs were already staged along the pathways, as golf carts quickly got into formation for the shotgun kickoff.

The grand prize for all upon their return after a fun-filled and sometimes frustating day was a keg of very cold beer at the clubhouse along with hand-made, GOOGLE inspired barbeque to ward off the day of sandpit bloopers, the wished for bogie and not enough hole-in-ones.

We did have some winners and we did have some losers but as you can see, everyone really had a lot of fun whle raising funds for a very worthy cause at the same time.

This year, many of the prizes came in plain white envelopes ranging from restaurant certificates, to wine tastings and the occasional spa treat all donated by the ACC Large and Small Business members that provide products and services for NASA Ames Research Center.

For those of you that didn't make it for one reason or the other, we look forward to your participation next year.

And, please remember that our ACC Meetings are held once a month, the first Wednesday on the Main Campus . To get more involved and to start attending the meetings, please contact Sandra Rasmussen, ACC President direct at (408)270-2188 or email Sandra at

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