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ACC Monthly Meeting March 6, 2018

Kimberly Salazar, 2017 ACC President, accepts Certificate of Appreciation from Sandra Rasmussen, 2018 ACC President, for her exemplary leadership on behalf of the Ames Contractor Council. Photo by Jinesh Jain, Tellus Solutions.


Photos by Jinesh Jain, Tellus Solutions.

NASA Guest Speaker, David King, presented the Volunteer Protection Program (VPP), run by OSHA. VPP partners with ACC, Ames Federal Employee Union and OSHA Region IX,

An On-Site OSHA audit will be conducted at ARC from 2nd to 6th of April 2018. There will be about 7 to 8 auditors on campus during that time. OSHA is looking for a Training system in place, management, maintenance, trouble call lines and is there to encourage folks to come forward, listen to them with regard to work-related injuries.

In this month's meeting, Sandra Rasmussen, our new ACC President, would like to have a Speaker every month.

Moreover, Sandra would like to find out if there is a High School Intern Director that would be interested in coming to speak before the ACC about looking for companies to intern with students. What a great idea Sandra!

Sandra encouraged each ACC member to email a topic that you would like to have covered during our monthly meetings.


Our new Public Policy person is Sara Jain, CEO, Tellus Solutions.

Please welcome Sara as she is a long time member of the ACC and has easily stepped into this role on behalf of the Ames Contractor Council.

Featured Left to Right is Saba Hussain (ACC Director) , Sara Jain and Sandra Rasmussen.

For the upcoming 2018 ACC Golf Tournament, we are still looking for some willing individuals to step in and make this fund-raising event the best ever.

For those who have an interest in Golf (and we know there are quite a few), please let us know as volunteers are what make this organization successful in our outreach for STEM and for the small business community that supports NASA prime contractors and NASA Ames Research Center.

See below what a great time everyone had at the 2017 ACC Golf Tournament in which we had Saba Hussain, Steve Perry and Paul Pinaula plus many other volunteers that pitched in to help as we got closer and closer to the finish line.


For the 2018 Excellence Awards, Larry Hogle, Yvonne DeSilva and Daniel Likens are looking at the first Thursday of November if the auditorium is available. Carol Carroll, ARC Deputy Director, has been invited to be the Keynote Speaker for the Awards.

The next scheduled meeting for the ACC is Wednesday, 11:00 AM to Noon, April 4, 2018 in the Jack Boyd Conference Room, Building 200. For those that cannot make the meeting, Sandra will email the dial in number for the ACC members before the next meeting.

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