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The Annual 2024 Happy Hour hosted by RMV Technology Group LLC

by Renee Mitchell

ACC Marketing Committee

February 21, 2024

Moffett Field, California

An event that few missed this last week was held at the offices and laboratory of RMV Technology Group LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned, High Tech Hispanic Small Business and long standing member of the Ames Contractor Council.

If not for the fabulous food and drinks provided by Faten Mansour, owner of Design Exquisite, the turnout would not have been so grand. As one of the longest serving ACC Advisory Board Members and creator of the Annual ACC Calendar, sponsored by many members, the festivities with food and drink specially selected by Faten added to the good will of the Happy Hour event.

In addition to the catering by a local restaurant under the direction of Faten, she also prepared her very special desserts, an ACC tradition each and every year, so that many members and guests could take home a gift box of handmade delectables from the event.

Jinesh Jain, of Tellus Solutions, an ACC long serving small business member, is always there camera in hand to be our volunteer photographer for all events. Likewise, Sara Jain, his business partner, is in her 3rd or 4th year as the ACC Treasurer and Spokesperson for Agency updates. Thank you Jinesh for your support and for the photos we are happy to share with our members and their guests. And thank you Sara for your continuing support of the ACC!

Kari Gonter of Metis, ACC President, was unable to be present for the event yet was able to greet the members on Microsoft Teams via the big screen display set up by Bob Vermillion, RMV CEO. Proud to serve as the ACC President for the past, unprecedented 4 years, Kari's exemplary leadership and professionalism sets the highest standard for anyone willing to step up and carry the baton for the large and small business contractors who support NASA Ames Research Center.


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