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Silver Oak High School Student Internship Partnership & Expansion Presentation to the ACC Membe

For the NASA Ames Contractor Council Monthly Meeting held on the 2nd of May 2018, Marley Wertheimer, Development Director, Instructional Coach & Internship Coordinator for Silver Oak High School, gave a very interesting presentation on the opportunity to host a Montessori Student Intern with one of the ACC member companies doing business at NASA Ames Research Center.

Located in Hayward, California, Silver Oak High School is a Public Charter Montessori Secondary Program and is the only one accredited by WASC and AMS. Silver Oak offers a tuition-free Montessori education, whose student body is diverse, small and located in a safe school community.

An Ames Contractor Council member (Patricia Zuno, Logical-R, below, left) recently hosted one student from Silver Oak High School (See photo below, center ) who described her unique experience in working with Logical-R, JV, a company formed by two long term business partners, Logical Innovations, Inc. and REDE, Inc. Thereafter, Booz Allen Hamilton was invited to join the team for the formation of the Logical-R Team that provides financial support services to NASA Ames Research Center.

To learn more about hosting an Intern, please contact Marley Wertheimer, MEd. at

For more information on the school programs offered by Silver Oak, please visit

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